An open-source PHP web application and presentation engine that publishes profiles and web pages based on RDF data stored in files. It allows you to aggregate and publish data from multiple web sources via Linked Data.

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News: We have a mailing list now! Simply send your first message to foafpress(at) That’s it. It ditches your original message and sends you a confirmation you reply to. No signup or web forms involved.

How it works

Foafpress reads RDF/XML, Turtle & N-Triple syntax. You configure your .htaccess with some mod_rewrite rules to route your RDF files through Foafpress, then it delivers exactly what is requested: RDF to RDF clients, and a nice HTML representation to standard web browsers.

Currently Foafpress is developed and tested constantly, it can be used for FOAF profiles (Person and Group) out of the box. It is planned to add some more standard templates for basic vocabularies like FOAF, DOAP and SIOC.


  • Aggregating resources via Linked Data
  • Automatic content negotiation, currently for RDF/XML, Turtle, N-Triple, HTML and RSS
  • Templates and controllers for foaf:Person and foaf:Group out of the box
  • Great looking default templates
  • Social Web icons for around 35 services and social media/network providers, e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Flickr, Vimeo
  • Creates a merged activity stream from your Atom/RSS feed resources
  • Can render Twitter and statuses including @account, URLs and #hashtag links
  • Reading RDF/XML, Turtle and N-Triple files
  • Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS), licensed under GPL


Foafpress screenshot, foaf:Person profile

How to contribute

Examples in the Wild

Please contact me to get on this list if you have a Foafpress powered site.

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